Electrocardiograph EUROECG 6view

Price: 1395€

Electrocardiograph (EKG)EUROECG 6view
6 chanel

EUROECG 6view is a high-resolution digital electrocardiograph. It records 6 synchronous leads and print
them on 110mm paper. Several print layouts are available.
EUROECG 6view colour LCD display shows the ECG in real-time. Moreover, the stored ECGs can be re-open
and displayed on screen.
An internal memory is available, to store up to 10.000 ECGs.
EUROECG 6view has a built-in Automatic ECG Measurement and Interpretation algorithm.

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Price: 1490 €

Main features of EUROECG 6view:
 Colour graphic TFT LCD display, foldable
 Powered by mains or internal battery (included)
 Automatic ECG Measurement and Interpretation
 Automatic Screening Mode
 Storage up to 10.000 ECGs in several format: DICOM, PDF, XML, JPG, BMP
 Bi-directional DICOM® interface
 High-resolution signal
 Detection and processing of Pacemaker’s spikes
 Use of external devices, like as USB keyboard, PCL-6 printer or Bar-code reader
 Direct connection to the PC network
 PC- ECG Software (optional)

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